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Ligne de vie graphique
ligne de vie graphique par dylan duchet
détail ligne de vie graphique par dylan duchet

For me, my piece « Ligne de vie graphique » (Graphic lifeline) symbolizes the many paths of life that open up to offer us a multitude of possibilities to realize from. This facility to communicate and share with nature has enabled me to create my own graphic drawings, thus giving new forms to my glass works. My drawings emerge from the ability of distinguishing lines from landscapes. Furthermore, because of this interaction with nature, I am able to perceive my own life line. What about you?

Terre Graphique
terre graphique 1 par dylan duchet
terre graphique 2 par dylan duchet

My inspiration comes mainly from my passion for drawing and design. I observed many forms of objects, structures, landscapes. I detect in it the lines that form some abstract graphics. For this series my inspiration is more focused on graphics than the Earth naturally created with lava flows, lava strung, bacteria formations or natural elements in warm lakes and even mountainous. I then use the drawing, the graphic lines built to develop the decorations on my pieces.

Abysse texturé
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