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Artistic statement

In my glass creations, I use my capacity to detect graphic lines and shapes in landscapes that I transcribe through abstract decorations. The Earth fascinates me and inspires me in all my creation. Landscapes naturally built for millenia, textures and surfaces of different environments such as volcanic or snowy mountains, fields and deserts are inexhaustible sources of graphic research and artistic creation. In parallel, humain created his own urban landscapes very different from nature but equally inspiring. My works give free rein to the imagination of everyone so that can travel in their imagination.


Born in France, Dylan Duchet currently lives in Montreal, Canada. He obtained his French Diploma glassblower. After he completed a four-year-long technical glassblowing programme at the National Glass School in France, he left to continue his studies on the North American continent. He completed a three-year-long program and gets his Diploma of College Studies in a technical glass to Espace VERRE School, Montréal. Here, he will learn several techniques but especially how used this medium to express oneself. Interested by design for a long time, the fascination for glass is straightforward:"create objects and sculptures with a pencil it is good, but to be able to realize them is even better and with glass the possibilities are infinite".

dylan duchet
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